Monday, May 4, 2009

Hippie Information

Hippies were best known for rebelling against the government.
Hippies were likely the ones wearing very flamboyant outfits painted with flowers, long hair, and giving a peace sign.
Hippies were also known to engage in risky drug behavior. During the 1960's drugs such as marijuana, LSD, and cocaine were easily accessible.
Because hippies adopted a notion of freedom, many experimented with drugs in order to achieve a euphoric state of mind. Unfortunately, several hippies of the sixties developed addiction problems and died from drug overdose.
The 1960's were a time or racial divide among Americans. Schools were segregated, and people of different races had a unconcealed hate for one another.
On the other hand, the hippies embraced everyone regardless of color, faith, or sex. Hippies were deeply concerned with ending segregation, which prompted many to take part in historic movements such as the March on Washington.
Moreover, hippies promoted love, thus many were involved in several protests to end the Vietnam War.

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